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Parent Handbook - Introduction

John R. Briggs Elementary School


Parent Handbook

We Grow and Learn Together, Here at JRB
Welcome to the Briggs’ community. The John R. Briggs School is dedicated to developing lifelong learners. The mission of our school is to engage the whole  community in the process of challenging all students to develop a strong knowledge base, a respect and understanding for diversity, an ability to relate to others, and a  sense of empowerment as individual learners. At the John R. Briggs School we continually strive to build and foster a sense of community, a sense of belonging, and a  sense of caring among all of our members. We seek your input and ask you to join with us in making your children’s years at John R. Briggs productive and happy.
The John R. Briggs School Council has worked hard to create a comprehensive handbook that will assist all members of the community in understanding our school’s  day-to-day practices and procedures. This handbook articulates the existing policies, practices, and procedures that guide our elementary school program.
The John R. Briggs School is always looking to expand our dialogue with parents and the community of Ashburnham. If you have any questions, concerns, or  suggestions, please make an appointment or feel free to drop in casually to   discuss whatever may be of importance to you. The John R. Briggs School is a very  special learning environment that will continue to become an even better place as we continue to work together to enhance our partnership with parents and community.

Nondiscrimination Statement
The Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color,  sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy or pregnancy related conditions, homelessness, age, disability, 
military/veteran status, and any other class or characteristic protected by law.
AWRSD Vision Statement
The AWRSD prepares all students to be contributing citizens of local and global societies in an ever-changing world.
AWRSD Mission Statement
At Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District, we focus on doing what is best for students to meet their academic and social-emotional needs to thrive in a global society through:
   -academically challenging curriculum;
   -community and civic engagement;
   -continuous, responsible use of all resources and evolving technology;
   -high quality, ongoing, focused professional development for staff;
   -real world applications;
   -reflection for continuous improvement;
   -research based and data driven instructional practices;
   -resilient, solution-based mindsets; and
   -student input and ownership.
JRB Vision Statement
We grow and learn together.

School History and Profile
The John R. Briggs Elementary School is located in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Ashburnham is a rural community of approximately 5500 people, located thirty-five  miles north of Worcester, MA on the New Hampshire border. Ashburnham has limited industry and is dependent upon its personal property tax base for funding.
The original John R. Briggs School was built in 1968 and the new John R. Briggs School was opened in 2013. The building is named after a much loved and internationally recognized Boy Scout Leader who lived in Ashburnham. Mr. Briggs devoted his life to working with children and was responsible for designing and building the town pool.
The John R. Briggs Elementary services students in preschool through grade five. We strive to maintain workable class size with the support of the AWRSD School Committee. Special Education support is provided through certified Special Education teachers within and outside of the regular classroom. We provide counseling  services to students through our school adjustment counselors.

JRB School Improvement Plan Goals
During the 2019-2022 school years, the staff at JRB will work to improve the quality of student writing across all grade levels leading to at least 75% of students  gaining a single point in each area of the 6 Traits of Writing Common Rubric (with the exceptions of students that already earned the top score).
During the 2019- 2022 school years, the staff at JRB will integrate the 2016 Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards across grade levels in order to maintain  our established digital citizenship and increase our technological awareness.
Due to the increase in student stressors inside and especially outside of school, we aim to promote the social and emotional development of all students at JRB  by providing strategies to handle a variety of circumstances and improvedecision making.