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Parent Handbook - Volunteer Opportunities

John R. Briggs Elementary School


Parent Handbook

We Grow and Learn Together, Here at JRB
Volunteer Opportunities
Research shows that children do best in schools when parents are involved in their education. Each year we have many parents who volunteer to work in the classrooms. There are many jobs available such as tutoring, photocopying, taping books, field trips, class parties, etc. Every year at open house many teachers post  parental involvement sign-up sheets that detail the volunteer opportunities available in their classroom. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact your child’s  teacher or school administration. All volunteers are required to submit a CORI form to the school office and each valid CORI will expire after three years.
The PTA has many functions within the school. They coordinate fundraising events, provide “mini grants” to support enrichment activities and innovative initiatives, and  help buy back-to-school supplies for students at all levels to lessen the list requested of families. They also organize 
and implement a series of extracurricular events  throughout the school year. Some of the events that have been organized in previous years are Parents Night Out, Movie Night, Bunny Breakfast, Extreme Game  Night, Bingo Night, and a Snowflake Dance Party. The goal is to develop events that are family based entertainment. Event planning and implementation is a dynamic  process so events will change from year to year, as the school’s needs change and based on the level of committed volunteers to help keep the organization  going. The PTA is also responsible for the production of John R. Briggs’ annual year book, which is a pictorial review of the year’s activities.
School Council
Under Massachusetts Education Reform legislation, all schools have been required to have School Councils since September 19th, 1993. At John R. Briggs Elementary School, the School Council has been meeting regularly since February 1992. The Council is comprised of parents, community members, teachers, and  administration. The School Council is committed to promoting the goals of our School Improvement Plan. Meetings are held on a monthly basis during the school year. The JRB School Improvement Council wants to continue to hear from parents how we can help you. Parents may be asked to complete surveys annually to address  how we can make the school better.