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Parent Handbook - Appendix L

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Appendix L

AWRSD Homework Policy
The Committee feels that homework is intended to compliment classroom instruction and stimulate student interest. Teachers should post assignments and their due dates so that parents and students can access the schedule of assignments and ensure that they are completed in a timely fashion. Homework, like the daily curriculum, should be grade and class appropriate. This means that homework in any given class or subject may vary in level of difficulty and/or quantity based on individual student differences. Generally homework should be able to be completed independently and promote individual responsibility while being structured so that motivated students can successfully achieve high rates of completion in a timely manner. Homework that requires references and/or resources that are not readily available should never be given.
Homework should also take into account that students need both family and play (free) time for their social and physical development. School projects or homework may be given over a weekend or school vacation and should be assigned so that adequate time is given beforehand so that long term assignments/projects can be completed before the vacation. Long term assignments should not be due on the first day back from vacation. Homework assignments of reasonable length may be given over weekends.

Homework that is incomplete shall be graded so that either partial credit is given or the student is given an opportunity to redo the assignment within a reasonable period of time, with the understanding that full credit will not be given after the assignment due date. In no case shall a student receive a zero on an assignment that contains one or more questions that are completed correctly. Lastly, homework should never be given for disciplinary reasons as this would be counterproductive.

Each grade level school (elementary, middle and high school) should develop their own homework procedures that reflect this policy. 

First Reading: 5/27/14
Second Reading:6/10/14
ADOPTED: 6/24/14