FLL Robotics Team » December 7th Team Meeting

December 7th Team Meeting

Core Values: students divided up the FLL core values and each person brainstormed one example of how s/he used that value in FLL and in regular life.


  • We rehearsed our skit. Doing pretty well on remembering our lines. Decided it is OK to ad lib a little but you need to end on the correct line so the next person has their cue. Everyone still needs to speak up. Agreed that other people will learn the No Wrap Rap, so that if Daniel doesn't feel comfortable doing it then others can step in. Need more trash on the floor, and need to remember Solutions poster and iPad poster.
  • Daniel, Hunter and Meghan worked on the Smart N' Up bin handout: resized info on the bin itself so it fits on one page and added a second page focusing on the app.


  • Missions that we are hitting pretty consistently AND can get back to base: careers, animals, and truck.
  • Missions that we are still working on: compost, demolition, car windshield, toy.
  • Agreed that wheel motors should be plugged into ports B&C and third motor should be plugged into port D (wasn't the same on all robots). Need to check sensors!