FLL Robotics Team » October 26th Team Meeting

October 26th Team Meeting

No core values activity today! 

Robot Game: we looked at feedback from the team (forms completed at our last meeting) and made one last round of changes before presenting our robots to Mr. Cheli and the group for a final decision on Wednesday. Will we choose one robot, or combine ideas from several robots?

Project: we looked at ideas brainstormed by the team (sketches completed at our last meeting) and chose one solution: a smart sorting machine, that includes an "upcycle" bin as well as a trash bin and recycle bin.

  1. Sorting machine in the shape of a robot, who says "Feed me!" when kids go by (make it fun, so kids will want to use it).
  2. Kids would scan trash using iPad.
  3. Basketball hoop that material goes into lights up (3 hoops, leading to 3 possible bins: trash, recycle, and upcycle).
  4. Kids in school start an “upcycle store” as part of new school MakerSpace (materials are used to make bags, iPad or computer sleeves, etc.). Students earn points for using the sorting machine, points can be used to make purchased in school's Upcycle Store.
  5. App  keeps track of who has what points, what is available in the store, what materials are needed for the MakerSpace. Bins include touch sensors that use app to communicate to custodians when bins are full.

Rebecca and Hunter worked on a design sketch of the sorting robot, while Meghan and Daniel started the script for our skit.