FLL Robotics Team » November 9th Team Meeting

November 9th Team Meeting

Core Values: journal entry on contributions and next steps.

  • What have you contributed to the team so far?
  • What have others contributed to the team so far?
  • What are your/our next steps.

Project next steps:

  • Finalize script.
  • Make props, including finish Smart N' Up bin prototype and posters.
  • Memorize lines.
  • Rehearse.
  • Present at: school, library, PTC?

Robot next steps: 

  • No missions programmed yet!
    • Truck mission: not getting it consistently.
    • Demolition mission and composting mission not done yet.
  • Do we need to switch from using iPads back to using computers? Can't get all programming blocks on iPad? Maybe move table into computer lab?
  • Do we need to learn more about using sensors to navigate more consistently?


  • Daniel finalized script and printed copies for everyone.
  • Hunter and Meghan created prototype of Smart N' Up bin. Still need to add little bits to make it light up and buzz. Not sure how to add in iPad?
  • Rebecca chose and labeled pictures for the Research poster.

Robot: still working on programming first missions.

  • Cameron working on composting mission.
  • Ben. Lucas and Peter working on truck mission.
  • Kaden and Josiah working on demolition mission.