FLL Robotics Team » December 1st Team Meeting

December 1st Team Meeting

Core Values: we reviewed our team guidelines for communicating, and then the kids tried the Last Straw challenge. After completing a self-evaluation, the team tried the challenge again. Good news! The team was able to make improvements between round one and round two. 

Robot: we continue to work on using the gyro sensor and my block to turn consistently. We are also working on changing/adding attachments to complete different missions.

  • Missions that seem pretty solid: getting animals to the circle (cleanup) and mini figures to the sorting area (careers).
  • Missions that sometimes work, sometimes don't: truck.
  • Still programming: salvage and demolition, compost.
  • Just started: scrap car, plastic bag (cleanup).


  • We rehearsed the skit. Almost everyone remembered their lines! We are a little over on time. We need to work on getting set up more quickly, and remembering to put all props in place. Also need to figure out how to add in new posters and new iPad prop.
  • Meghan and Rebecca finished the Solutions poster.

Team Spirit: worked on making buttons to trade with other teams, and started a team sign for our pit area.