FLL Robotics Team » October 14th Team Meeting

October 14th Team Meeting

Core Values: we looked at different ways to solve problems, using the Human Knot or Human Pretzel activity as our example. We discussed the fact that the process is always pictured as a circle or cycle, and success usually requires going around the circle many times. Our favorite approach:

  • Define the problem.
  • Develop a plan: brainstorm solutions and choose one.
  • Act on plan: try the solution.
  • Evaluate: did our plan work, why or why not?

Robot: we continued to work on building a solid base for our robot. Four different robots going! We will have to choose one soon.

Project: we started working on solutions to the "too many food wrappers" problem we identified, adding ideas to our padlet site. Daniel started working on our "No Wrap Rap."