FLL Robotics Team » September 28th Team Meeting

September 28th Team Meeting

Core Values: we discussed the stages of group development, and the fact that it is normal to have some disagreements and unhappiness at this point because we are in the "storming" stage. We talked about some ways to get through storming and on to norming, one of which is figuring out ways to make decisions so that everyone feels OK with those decisions. We also talked about specializing, so we have a smaller group of kids who needs to make each decision. Every team member chose an area of specialization:

  • Project: Daniel, Rebecca, Hunter, Peter, and ?Meghan
  • Robot: Cameron, Ben, Josiah, Kaden and Lucas

We then tried out some different decision-making methods, to decide on a robot design and a project focus.

Robot: we decided to split up and build three different robots, and choose the best design later based on performance.

Project: we decide to focus on littering, and went online to find ways other people are solving the problem.