FLL Robotics Team » September 21st Team Meeting

September 21st Team Meeting

We had a very productive meeting, despite the early hour! We spent 30 minutes on a journal entry about robot design (see below) and then split up into our work groups.

Journal: Robot Design

  1. How will our robot move? Wheels? If yes, how many, what size and type? Tracks? Legs?
  2. What attachments does our robot need to complete its missions?
  3. Draw your robot ideas on the back of this paper.
  4. Go online and search for “EV3 robot” to get some ideas. Print your favorites!
  5. Watch this video on "How to Build an FLL Robot".


Work Groups

  • Builders: figured out what was up with the demolition model. Discovered we had to construct the building to be demolished out of the yellow and blue bars that we thought were part of the sorting machine (robot must demolish building first, then move blue and yellow pieces to sorter).
  • Programmers: programmed compost mission to demonstrate at School Committee meeting.
  • Project: surveyed lunch ladies, front office staff, and teachers.