FLL Robotics Team » December 2nd Team Meeting

December 2nd Team Meeting

Core Values: no core values activity today.

Robot: programming madness continues!

  • Lucas is now rules and table setup master.
  • Cameron now working on scrap car, installing windshield.
  • Kaden discovered that demolition mission is worth doing, even if he can't get all the materials back to base. The 4 black bars will cost us 32 points if left on the mat (4 x 8 points each), but since demolishing the mission is worth 85 points we would still come out ahead.
  • Some debate about whether or not we needed to get the robot back to base between mission: how much is the touch penalty? Decided that yes, it is worth coming back to base because it is an 8 point penalty every time we have to retrieve the robot.


  • Meghan has the app partly working, using App Inventor!
  • Hunter and Daniel worked on a handout "selling" the Smart N' Up bin.

We made more buttons to trade at the competition!