FLL Robotics Team » August 19th Team Meeting

August 19th Team Meeting

Core Values:

  • Journal: What questions do you have? What concerns do you have? What are your ideas for a team name?
  • Ice Breaker: Human Pretzel
  • Journal: 3 ideas for what you and/or the team could do differently next time, to succeed at the Human Pretzel.


  • Mr. Cheli: how I made my quadcopter (engineering design process).
  • Quadcopter demonstration.
  • Hands-on with mini-quadcopters.


  • Discuss: what's in a landfill?
  • Sort trash we brought from home.
  • Make "trash pizza": visit each of the stations to get "toppings" and glue them down on a pizza box so that you have one slice of pizza for each type of trash.