FLL Robotics Team » September 23rd Team Meeting

September 23rd Team Meeting

Core Values:

  • Each team member sketched a t-shirt design for our team, with name, logo and slogan.
  • We tried the Human Pretzel again--no luck yet! 

Robot: We discussed the criteria or requirements for our robot. Here's what we came up with:

  • Not too wide--must fit between models on table.
  • Not too tall--don't want it to tip.
  • Needs to be consistent and accurate.
  • Need a place to connect/swap out attachments for different missions.
  • Need sensors to navigate.
  • Need to be able to reach the buttons and batteries.
  • Could not agree on best type of wheels.

Project: We analyzed our survey data and chose four biggest problems:

  • Trash not put in bins
  • Recyclables not sorted/need to separate more.
  • Food wasted/not composted.
  • Littering.