FLL Robotics Team » October 28th Team Meeting

October 28th Team Meeting

Core Values: we practiced our listening skills, by sharing our Halloween plans with a partner and then reporting our partner's plans to the group.

Robot: we came to a consensus on which robot to use for our base, and used our new kits to make two more robots just like it so that we can program three different missions at once.


  • Daniel (with help from his brother Peter) worked on music for the No Wrap Rap.
  • Meghan worked on planning out the app for our sorting machine.
  • Rebecca and Hunter worked in the details of how the sorting machine will work. Problem: what to do with items that don't have a barcode?
  • Meghan and Rebecca started brainstorming products for the JRB Upcycle Store: 
    • Christmas lights
    • Biodegradeable flower pots
    • Bubbles containers
    • Pencil containers
    • Bags
    • Pencil bags/boxes
    • Capri sun as recycle bin