FLL Robotics Team » October 15th Team Meeting

October 15th Team Meeting

Core Values: we looked at team names and logos. Thanks to Brooke for creating polished logos from our rough sketches. The kids did an AWESOME job coming to consensus on (drum roll please) ... "Mighty Moose" for our team name and "We are trash rebels!!" for our team slogan. Logo to be determined. We have some combo ideas for Brooke to try.

Robot: tested our wheels, added and tested at least one sensor, and added and tested a third motor and attachment. Not ready to settle on one robot yet!

Project: more with food wrappers!

  • Daniel worked on the "No Wrap Rap" with Mr. Seager.
  • Rebecca researched different types of recycling/sorting bins, and whether or not food wrappers can be recycled. 

We learned that most food wrappers combine different materials, which makes them hard and expensive to recycle. There are companies that will "up cycle," or turn the wrappers into new products (like the bag made from Capri Sun pouches).