FLL Robotics Team » November 23rd Team Meeting

November 23rd Team Meeting

Core Values: went through core values scores from the practice tournament, and discussed our strengths and weaknesses.

Started going through list of what we learned at the tournament, but did not finish!


  • Hunter and Daniel worked on the Smart N' Up bin: added labels, and little bits lights and buzzer. Need to figure out how to secure little bits to bin more securely.
  • Meghan and Rebecca worked on the iPad app display.


  • Ben and Lucas programmed the careers mission (mini figures that start in base are moved to sorting area). Pretty consistent!
  • Kaden and Josiah are working on the valuables and demolition missions. Not as consistent as we would like.
  • Peter and Cameron are working on the truck mission. Not as consistent as we would like.
  • Need to figure out using gyro sensor and my blocks to make turns more consistent--saw lots of people doing this at the tournament.