FLL Robotics Team » August 24th Team Meeting

August 24th Team Meeting

The team went on a field trip to local trash sites. Many thanks to Mrs. Cormier and Mrs. Melvin for driving. It was a hot and muggy day (with no shade) but the kids hung in there and asked lots of great questions. We will work on thank you notes for our tour guides next week.

  • 1:30 Ashburnham Transfer Station, tour by Mr. Whitney
  • 2:30 Westminster Drop Off Center, tour by Mrs. Billings
  • 3:00 Fitchburg Landfill, tour by Mrs. Billings and Mr. Sepiol


At each site students took notes on:

  • What types of trash do you see?
  • Where did the trash come from? Where is it going to?
  • What happens to the trash at this site?
  • What are the problems at this site?