FLL Robotics Team » November 16th Team Meeting

November 16th Team Meeting

Core Values: We did some dancing and talked about a key FLL core value: have fun!!

Project: everyone practiced our skit, and discussed improvements in the script.

Working Groups: divided up intro project and robot working groups.


  • Meghan wrote and practiced an introduction to the skit.
  • Daniel edited the script, based on feedback from the team.
  • Rebecca and Hunter worked on Research and Problem posters.


  • Discussed robot game strategy: need to get robot back to base after completing a set of missions so that we can run the next program, need to work on consistency, and need to read rules more carefully. For example, could lose points on demolition mission if we don't get all pieces to sorter (can't leave them on mat).
  • Everyone read over tips on improving robot reliability from Droids Robotics.
  • Lucas, Peter and Ben continued to work on truck mission.
  • Kaden and Josiah continued to work on valuables and demolition mission; devised attached for turning sorting wheel but have to work on getting robot positioned correctly for it to work.
  • Cameron worked on the composting mission??